How To Use The Afterburn Effect?

If you devote an hour a day to taking exercise – which is a lot, I can assure you – it still makes up only for less than 5% of your day. What should you do with the majority of your time if you want to lose fat and gain muscle?

The answer to your dilemma is the Afterburn effect. What does it mean “Afterburn”? Well, exactly what it sounds like. The Afterburn effect is the burning of calories that takes place after you have been working out. If you want it to appear more scientifical, the Afterburn effect may also be called excess post-excercise oxygen consumption.

How does it work in practice? It’s incredibly easy:

When you perform some anaerobic and intense training, your muscles get a bit “torn” (it happens every time you take exercise, but the more intense the efforts, the greater the outcome) and they need to be rebuilded. When your body recovers, it needs enormous amounts of energy just to restructure its tissues – and that is exactly the Afterburn effect.

Of course there are some tips that are useful and really essential if you want to gain a muscular body.

First of all, you should eat wisely. To help your body recover feed it with nutrient-dense food that not only is rich in proteins (which build your muscles) but also in carbohydrates (which are main source of energy for your tissues). Good fats are also inevitable – they help to e.g. shield your nervous connections, thus speeding up all the processes in your body.

Secondly, when you work out you must push yourself to your very limits. The more intense your training, the bigger the Afterburn effect. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality – remember!

Finally, your exercise routine should be sensible and well-thought. You should try to work out differently so you don’t get bored. Moreover, diverse workouts help to develop muscles in various parts of your body.

2 thoughts on “How To Use The Afterburn Effect?

  1. Im just wondering if it works because i’m doing it at this moment.

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