Why is my right arm bigger than my left? (I'm left handed) I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

This is quite common – our non-dominant side is bulkier than the dominant one. Think about this – you`re walking out from a supermarket. You have a heavy bag of grocers and you are looking for the car keys in your pocket. Now look: you use your non-dominant (in your case, your right hand) to lift the grocer and the dominant hand for finer motor skills. This is why your non-dominant arm is bigger – it carries heavy things much more often and – as you preferably use the other hand – has more time to regenerate and grow muscles.

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Remember also that your body is not symmetrical – your hands, feet, eyes differ with size.

Don`t change your workout, don`t add any extra exercises for your non-dominant hand but work them simultaneously, bilaterally – your body will compensate the imbalance on its own.

What is the best weekly workout routine?

There`s no one or good answer for this question. Everything depends on what you want to achieve and on what level you are. Beginners will prepare their weekly routine differently from professionals. But here are some tips.

If you want to build muscle from the scratch you should do 3 or 4 weightlifting workouts every week. This amount proves to work best in most cases – it gives the muscle stimulation they need and allows your body to recover between trainings. If you only need to maintain your muscle it will be enough to work out twice a week.

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For starters it would be best to do full body workout: work every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and make a break every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. If you prefer to work on each muscle group separately try doing upper body (like chest, shoulders) the first day, lower body (back, biceps) the second and a day off at the third day and so on.

What would be a suggested workout split for a 44 year old trying to lose body fat?

When people age it gets harder to lose body fat. It is due both the genetics and to changed lifestyle when we have less activity. But do not worry, you can still lose fat avoiding hitting the gym every day. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention an adult of 40 years old should spend 150 minutes on moderate training every week, which gives about 22 minutes a day.

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Workout: For start it is good to take up walking as it doesn`t only burn calories but also helps to oxygenate your whole body. The amount of calories you burn depends on your pace and time of the walk as well as on your weight – the bigger it is, the more you burn. As numbers of calories burnt increases with your speed it is a good idea to swap walking to jogging and running once or twice a week. If you don`t like that you can take up cycling which is easier for your joints.

It is a good idea to have strength training once or twice a week – it builds muscle and also burn calories – mostly after the workout. So it`s great for long lasting effects.

I'm allergic to peanut butter is there anything else I could eat on a budget?

Yes, there are lots of things. You can start with potatoes – they are rich in protein, especially if you don`t peel them. They are also full of fiber and are healthy carbohydrates. If you`re not a big fun of potato flavor you can try mixing them with sweet potatoes and red potatoes.

You should try also milk (high fat milk) and all dairy products, like cheese in all its varieties: goat cheese, cottage cheese and “usual” yellow cheese. They do well added to different dishes. When cooking, don`t forget about vegetable oils. Olive oil is great and you can buy it on a budget. You can also count avocado as an oil and half of the fruit counts for 140 calories. You can eat it in salad, with meat or even spread on a sandwich. While adding bread to your diet choose whole wheat products. There are lots of fiber and different minerals in it.

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Buy and eat as many fruits as possible. They will give your body lots of energy. Now you can buy most of the fruits all year long but do that when they are in lowest prices. It`s good not only for your budget but also for your health – prices are the lowest when fruits are freshly harvested. You can also put fruit and vegetables in delicious smoothies.

If you are skinny, should you do cardio for abs?

Stand straight and grab some skin from your belly in two fingers. What can you see – is it only thin layer of skin or maybe there`s some fat to?

In the first case you are really skinny and you shouldn`t do cardio workout: cardio burns calories, so If you are too thin you should rather focus on gaining good calories with healthy diet not junky food. If you want a six pack you should start some training to increase your muscle.

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In the second case you may be skinny but still have some belly fat – it is often when you eat junky food and don`t do a lot of exercises. Then some cardio could help – especially if you change your diet at the same time. When you get rid of belly fat your abs should become more visible.

Before you start with cardio check if you do everything for the abs. Curls are not enough – you should take up some core exercises, squats, presses and other compound exercises.

Does meat helps gaining weight? And what meat?

Yes, meat does help to gain weight and to build muscle. It is because it`s full of proteins. If you are a bodybuilder – in a meaning you want to gain weight – you should eat between 1 and 1,5 proteins gram for every pound of your body. So if you weigh 100 pounds you should eat between 100 – 150 protein grams every day. Chose lean meat – you want protein and muscle, not fat. You can eat poultry, like chicken, turkey or duck breast or red meat (like beef, pork, lamb, venison etc.). You can also include in your diet fish like tuna or salmon and other animal products – eggs, milk and dairy.

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But no, it doesn`t mean you can now start eating nothing but meat. About 40% – 60% of your diet should consist of carbohydrates. They give your body the energy it needs for both exercises and daily activities like sleeping, working, eating – basically, everything. If you fail to eat enough carbohydrates your body will take the energy from another source and the next in line are proteins. So if you exercise a lot and don`t eat enough carbohydrates you won`t be able to build muscle.

I'm vegetarian, what should I eat to gain weight? I can't buy protein powder!

There is a myth that vegetarians can`t build muscle. Fortunately, this is untrue. If you are a vegetarian, not vegan, you can eat animal products as eggs and milk (and other dairy products). Egg whites and non-fat milk have more proteins than skinless chicken breast. So they are good to keep your protein intake on a healthy level.

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Start with a good breakfast. You can have milk, egg whites or cottage cheese, which are full of proteins. Eat egg whites every day or replace them with oaks, chickpeas, brown rice and other legumes. This is also very important to boost your body with carbohydrates – this way your body will have a lot of energy and will be able to restore proteins for more important needs like to maintain and repair muscle tissue.

You should also eat a handful of nuts or seeds every day. Almonds, walnuts and others are rich in both proteins and fatty acids important for vegetarians who don`t eat fish. If you don`t like raw nuts you can include peanut butter in your meals.

Remember to eat many small meals a day and to keep drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

Why do people take fitness advice from someone who isn't even a professional bodybuilding?

Many people find it easier to believe someone who they consider as a „normal” person: who is not a doctor or professional bodybuilder. Usually they are more likely to listen to someone who used to be average, had problems with the way he looked but found something that helped him change it. Some of use still believe that there is some magic way to achieve everything we dream of in a week or two. When we see “before” and “after” photos we don`t think about the effort someone put into it.

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On the other hand, some advices that professionals give are not very useful in real life. They give many advices like “you should work every day or every two days at the same time” what is hardly possible for someone who works different shifts or for a mother with a small baby. Not everyone is also able to plan very carefully their working patters.

And sometimes we just listen to someone who is popular. And as more often we find someone who achieved his goal listening to that guy, the more we are willing to listen to his advice as well. Even if he is not a professional bodybuilder.

What is better workout: full body in one day or one part of the body at the time?

Basically, it depends on what you want to achieve and how much time you`re willing to spend on this. Choose full body workout if you do can`t or won`t go to the gym every day. While working full body you need some time to recover between trainings. Taking a day off is a good time to hit other physical activities, e.g. contact sports, running, swimming etc. Full body workouts are also better for losing weight as you do many compound exercises involving different parts of your body. This kind of workout also lasts longer so you burn more calories.

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If you want to focus on muscle gaining and have a lot of time to go to the gym, then chose one-body-part workout. This is vital to exercise frequently – otherwise you won`t be able to give all the parts stimulus they need. While working one body part you need to spend less time on the gym. This is also better if you go to the gym alone – with many compound exercises you need to have someone to help you with.
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