Insane Handstand Workout

insane We introduce another workout by Mike Chang. Completing this one is his actual goal and he believes he can achieve this by repeating it. The first exercise are pushups mixed with crossovers – one pushup and one crossovers for every leg is one rep. Do ten of them in one round. The next exercise is [...] Continue reading →

How does the After Burn Effect work?

burn If you are thinking about signing up for Six Pack Shortcuts program you need to know that one of its most important part is an after burn effect, called by scientist excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. Despite its difficult name, the whole idea is pretty easy. If you want to lose weight you basically need to [...] Continue reading →

Get Painfully Jacked

get painfully jacked Ok., who said that working on your muscles need to be so super serious? Watch this video and share a comment. What can You do after Afterburn? Tell us if you were able to beat Schwarzenegger or did the marathon on your hands. Maybe you even got a chance to kick Chuck Norris` ass? Why [...] Continue reading →

Mike`s Full Force Workout

full force workout Mike`s new Full Force Workout is an intensive set of exercises that work on your belly, lower back, upper back, triceps and shoulders. To do them you only need dumbbells heavy enough for you to do 10 reps of every exercise in 4 round. The first exercise is squat and press – take you dumbbells [...] Continue reading →

What Do Barbell Swings Look Like?

barbell swing Barbell swing is a superb exercise that works on your shoulders, arms and core strength. It`s an easy one, too. In Mike`s version you only need build an angle out of pieces of wood or something different you have close by. Make it stabile with e.g. a weight. The last thing you need is a [...] Continue reading →

How To Do a Skyscraper Exercise

skyscraper A lot of people ask how to conduct a skyscraper exercise to make sure they won`t hurt themselves and to get maximum results. This one isn`t very hard but there are few important things about you need to remember. You start with the same position as with power push: you place your arm on the [...] Continue reading →

Insane 1 Minute Burpee Battle

Insane 1 Minute Burpee Battle Spice things up at your gym and introduce this insane 1 minute burpee battle. Make pairs and check who can do more burpees during 60 seconds. Make it clean and all the way down to the power push and finish with a jump at the end. Make it even more interesting and let every participant [...] Continue reading →